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In March of 1882, the City of Deland was incorporated as a city. At the first meeting of the City Commission, the town name was changed from Persimmon Hollow to Deland in honor of founder Henry A. Deland. City founders had a vision of Deland becoming a center of education and culture and a place of "Faith Hope and Charity", thus it was determined that the City seal would be proudly displayed with those symbols.

The Faith, Hope and Charity Society (FH&C} was formed in May of 2002, by a group of volunteer individuals interested in raising grant funds for Deland are a non-profit organizations. The name was derived from the seal of the City of Deland that represents "Faith, Hope and Charity". The FH&C is a recognized 501{c}(3} not-for-profit corporation with the Internal Revenue Service and has a local volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the allocation screening process prior to the awarding of funds to pre-registered, qualified organizations. The funds distributed annually by the FH&C Society are collected through annual fundraising events and donations.

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